Fairlie Lodge

Our lodging in Fairlie is a 2.5 hour drive from Christchurch. Situated just one block from downtown shops and stores, the Fairlie Lodge affords guests the opportunity to explore the town on their own time and in their own pace. Accommodates up to 8 guests comfortably with a newly expanded entertainment deck and a remodeled kitchen providing enough dining seating for 13 guests.

The season of spectacular sunrises blesses our morning skies March thru July. It’s common to capture images of the sky painted in bold, vivid colors of red, yellow and orange. The view from our upper loft gives excellent photo opportunities of the Two Thumb Mountain Range.

Fairlie Lodge Gallery

Central Orago Property

Our lodging in the Central Orago is just outside of the picturesque town of Alexandra, nestled in the bottom of the South Island, and is a 3.5 hours drive from our lodging in Fairlie. The Central Orago property accommodates up to 8 guests and is situated directly on the property in which we hunt. The 25,000 acre sheep station is arguably the best fallow hunting in the country producing consistent world-record fallow trophies every single year.

The southern skies in Alexandra are known to provide glimpses of the Southern Lights off Antarctica. Morning skies dance in bright vivid pallets of chartreuse, crimson, and yellow. The stark, dry landscape of golden and brown adds a dramatic contrast to the often bright blue skies. The arid region of Central Orago receives only 12-inches or less of rain per year and is the driest part of the country.

Central Orago Property Gallery