Red Stag

We currently have one of the largest Estate hunting areas in the country. 5,500 acres of
native bush lands, streams and tussock country make their home in this estate. This is not
“free range” by definition, but due to the nature of the mountain range that the Estate is situated on, it is most definitely “fair chase”. By “fair chase” we mean that even though there is a fence around this property, your animal can most certainly give you a fair chase and it could still be a challenging and rewarding hunt. Huge stags are found on this property scoring up to 600 sci. You’ll have many options to choose from in taking your ultimate trophy of a lifetime! Our Estate hunting region is just a short 15-minute drive from our Fairlie Lodge and offers some of the best views of Mackenzie Valley available.

Our free-range opportunities are presented by local farmers and landowners who have specific needs for deer management on their properties. Our free-range stags are 12-14-16 point stags with lots of mass. Certainly worthy of being displayed in the finest of trophy rooms! Free-range hunting is a thrilling and unpredictable adventure that is sure to give you the thrill of a lifetime.


Located in the Central Otago Region of the Southland, this wonderful property holds what would be some of the very best free-range fallow deer hunting in the world.  With around 25,000 acres to hunt, this property holds many record-book-quality fallow bucks.  Bucks rut in April and May and on many occasions, you’ll see and hear bucks fighting to gain their rights to breed.  We have a great lodge there for accommodation during the hunt that is located right on the station property. Fresh water lobsters are caught in the near-by stream and we make sure to enjoy eating them with fresh venison during your hunt.


Simply the best tahr hunting on foot in New Zealand!  This property is 39,000 acres set on the fringe of the beautiful Southern Alps of the South Island.  There are honestly hundreds of bulls located here!  This land is the prime habitat for bulls to grow big horns.  Many bulls grow horns over 13”.  It’s a great trophy with big heavy manes in winter skin.  The country is steep and rocky with sub-alpine scrub.  Perfect for alpine hunting!  Many game trails are used to gain height, making it easier for you to obtain your trophy.  This hunting station is about a one hour drive from our Fairlie Lodge.


Hunting Elk in New Zealand is relatively a lot better value than hunting Elk in the United States, therefore our Elk hunting packages are very popular especially to our friends in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. The Rocky Mountain Elk were exported from America by Teddy Roosevelt in 1905. The Rocky Mountain Elk in New Zealand are now referred to as "South Pacific Elk" and have free-roaming herds in the Fiord lands of the rugged Southwest region of the South Island. We offer a "fair chase" estate elk hunt on a pristine 5000 acre ranch just outside of Fairlie where we can properly manage the elk herd to guarantee the biggest trophies possible.


This 37,000 acre property holds some of the most private chamois hunting in the South Island. Bucks are hunted during the rut period which is May/June. A very strict game management program is in place so that only a handful of bucks can be taken each year. Great 4x4 access can get you, at times, above the bucks. Due to where Chamois like to live, the terrain is steep with open tussock ridges and rocky faces. Buck Chamois are the toughest mountain animal to hunt due to their amazing eyesight. Lodging is from our Fairlie base lodge. We travel around 1 hour to the hunting area.

Duck Hunting

During the month of June we offer additional Duck Hunting Packages for our hunters to enjoy. Join local duck hunters who have generations of men gather in their sacred spots and be treated to a true-local duck hunting experience. Pluck and cook your ducks in your blind with a nice cold beer in hand. Prepare for a day full of laughs and lots of shooting as New Zealand’s limits for ducks is extremely generous compared to American standards.

One full day of duck shooting includes morning breakfast, lunch on site and evening meal. Shotguns provided by outfitter. Bullets purchased for additional fee. $600 per person, per day.

Lazy Day Fishing Tours NZ

In the months of March and April we offer additional Lure Fishing Packages for our guests to enjoy a lazy day of fishing brown trout, rainbow trout and fresh water salmon in the Lake Tekapo, Mackenzie region. Literal “hunting” of fish in the hydro canals, lakes and headwaters leaves you with lots of fun adventures and lifelong memories. Enjoy your fresh caught fish smoked with a cold beer. We provide shelter during hot or wet days and chairs for your comfort so you can relax and enjoy your day of fishing in the beautiful Mackenzie country.

One full day of Fishing includes morning breakfast, lunch eaten on site, beverages and evening meal = $475 per person (includes gear).

Wild Rams and Goats

We have four large farmland areas that we call the “Four Back Properties”.  The total acreage of this area is around 127,000 acres.  These blocks of land hold all of our animals hunted (except fallow deer) and run from beautiful farmland to high mountainous country.  These areas are best hunted during the winter (end of May and June) when animals move into the farmlands from the mountains.

Hunting Scenery

By far the most impressive thing about New Zealand is the vast amounts of open land there is to gaze upon. No cities. No towns. No houses or barns. Just open territory filled with the most jaw-dropping scenery you’ve ever witnessed. New Zealand is a magical collection of every land feature imaginable crammed onto two islands. In one day you can go from sandy/rocky beaches, drive through rolling green farmlands, up through rain forests and onto a living glacier. This album gives you a good indication of the types of territory you’ll be traversing on during your hunts and what kinds of colors, textures and weather scenarios you will come across. One thing we can guarantee with our safari is that you’ll see more landscapes and have access to more private land that any other outfitter on the South Island. For any questions regarding what gear to pack, please refer to the FAQ’s Page for our printable form.

Food & Fun

Besides the amazing quality of animals, and besides the spectacular views, one of the most memorable parts of your safari will be the food. Do not expect to lose any weight during your safari, regardless of how much you hike! Scott’s philosophy is, “If there aren’t seven colors on the plate there aren’t enough vegetables.” We harvest and process our venison into steaks, roasts, sausages and mince. We have one whole pig butchered into bacon, offer locally raised lamb, fish straight from the Tasman Sea on the West Coast, salmon from the local salmon farm in Tekapo, honey from an apiary in Fairlie, and our eggs are delivered fresh weekly from a friend down the road. At our Central Orago property we gorge ourselves on hundreds of fresh water crayfish with tails the length of your hand! There is no dieting when you are here with us so bring your appetite!

The Big Remodel - 2019

Welcome to our newly remodeled lodge nestled in the heart of Fairlie, New Zealand. We have been
very busy renovating and remodeling this old ski lodge into a modern, spacious, comfortable hunting lodge. We removed the back wall of our living area and pushed it out onto the deck, adding another
80 square foot to our floorplan. That allowed us to move our dining area around and expand our kitchen into a massive 12x20 open area, doubling our benchtop space and our storage capacity. We had 1,000 square-foot of flooring laid in our new great room and added touches of rustic and modern with our marca capa wood collums and framing, corrugated steel ceiling, and sleek black appliances. We then completely replaced our deck, expanding it to accommodate a bbq area and a future (to come) fire pit. Our new deck has been fitted into a 3-season area with a massive barn-door-slider to finish off the rustic look and a fully stocked beverage fridge has been added for our guests to enjoy.

In the front of the lodge we added a master bedroom with a bathroom, allowing our guests full access to the 2 guest bathrooms that were completely remodeled in 2014. There are four guest bedrooms with new paint and bedding every second season. Future plans involve adding more sleep-out units on-site, adding bathroom facilities and completely overhauling the back yard.

To date, over $150,000 has been invested in the renovation and remodel of the Red Stag Lodge over
the past 10 years and we are very proud of how far we’ve come on making our home a “dream
destination” for everyone. We can’t wait for the next stage in renovations; stay tuned!!!